Now that things have FINALLY returned to a sense of normalcy, we are craving to spend some quality outdoor time this summer across the tri-state region. However, you can STILL par take in some indoor events here in our backyard. For all art enthusiasts, there is an exhibit featuring a trio of talented artists that will be on display at The Open House located at 234 Long Pond Road in Great Barrington during the months of July and August.

Here is a preview and introduction of those who will proudly display their works of art and what you can look forward to upon arrival:

VIRGINIA BRADLEY: A contemporary abstract painter who focuses on the practices of alchemy in the transformation of materials. Her series of Cotena paintings will be showcased in this particular exhibit as patrons discover landscape horizons that are buried in the surface of the particular image. these works took about a month as Virginia was on location throughout the beautiful Berkshires creating these eye catching portraits. The artist reiterated on how this series evolved:

"I had been contemplating how the pace of life had changed during the COVID pandemic. At moments, time seemed to stand still and at other times it seemed to race by. I came upon the word Cotena, which means related moments or an inter-locking chain. The word Cotena spoke to me about my search to find meaning and beauty through my painting process. Cotena seemed to describe the suspended life I was living. the Series searches for reconciliation, contentment and beauty"

To sample more of Virginia's art work, log on to her web site by going here

CHRIS MOLCOMSON: An accomplished oil painter who specializes in watercolors as poets were his major influences including Rumi, Mary Oliver and Kabir just to name a few. he always carries a small note book in his possession as he expresses his own brand of poetic savvy. He divides his time between our listening area and his winter home in Puerto Rico as he attempts to offer paintings that enhance living spaces with an aim to bring tranquility to people's lives by creating a serene environment to all who view his work.

If you would like to see a sample of peaceful artistic works, log on to Chris's web site 

WILLIAM CASPER: Get ready to sample sculptures that capture movement, emotion and intimacy via textured surfaces and torso angles as his aim to emphasize the boldness of the figure and pose with the elements of shadows and surface treatment creating a sense of dynamic energy in every piece that is on display. Some of the 20th century's greatest artists have been used as a model for this exhibit including the bust of Sir Jacob Epstein which commands a strong presence and should be a part of your mandatory viewing upon attendance.

More images can be seen on Bill's web site by accessing this link

The Open Studio event here in south county will be available to the public on the following dates and times:

JULY 10th and 11th, AUGUST 14th and 15th from 12 noon to 6 pm. You can also request a private visit by contacting Virginia Bradley on-line OR call 1-302-540-3565.

(The following information and photo image was obtained by WSBS via a press release courtesy of Virginia Bradley and the Open House in Great Barrington for on-air and on-line usage)

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