This past Saturday, a milestone event occurred at The UFO Historical Park in Sheffield, Massachusetts located just past the venerable covered bridge at the same vicinity where an unidentified flying object was spotted back in 1969 as this event continues to peak interest nationwide. I remember hearing about this interesting news item over a half century ago while watching The Nightly News on TV in my native New York City as this story attracted worldwide attention (and to this day unanswered questions still remain rampant).

Turning our attention to something different beside bright lights and space ships from another galaxy, this site presented a wedding ceremony, the first of it's kind as the weather cooperated with a mix of sun and clouds and low humidity. Sheffield native Thom Reed orchestrated this get together with the happy couple from neighboring Springfield who also have ties to the Berkshires.

A familiar face to our area, Kevin Titus, New England's George Reeves left his Superman costume plus cape back in the Daily Planet store room and donned his black robe with white collar to conduct the ceremony which united Arno and Kathy Pinsonnault in Holy matrimony. Incidentally, Kevin is also a licensed Justice of the Peace as he wears many hats in life, only this time this was a real-life situation that proved to be memorable and iconic in nature: This was the first Massachusetts wedding that took place in a south county area that STILL attracts local, statewide, national and worldwide visitors. Kudos to Renee Rutana who took a wonderful array of photos that highlighted this magical moment for all in attendance.

I was also in attendance and it was a pleasure to be a part of this historic moment that occurred right here in OUR south county Berkshire community. Once again, I offer the utmost CONGRATULATIONS TO MR. & MRS. ARNO PINSONNAULT:

attachment-UFO Wedding 2

 The wedding reception was held at another beautiful spot in our vicinity: The historic Dewey Hall on Main Street in Sheffield was a key gathering to celebrate the couple's memorable moment as family and friends gathered to commemorate the couple's start to a new journey which also featured a UFO related theme. Arno created a replica of the UFO Historical Park (seen here) as the image captures his new bride being taken away into the flying saucer (not exactly a great way to start a wedding when aliens abduct your wife as the saga continues in another future article. We'll keep you posted). 

attachment-UFO Historic Park Model

 To paraphrase the late, GREAT Leonard Nimoy (aka Mr. Spock from "Star Trek") LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!

attachment-UFO Couple

(Photo images courtesy of Renee Rutana. Also featured in Arno & Kathy Pinsonnault's Facebook pages)

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