Many Bay State residents including here in The Berkshires are fond of Mark Wahlberg's cinematic and musical accomplishments. The Boston native was best known as "Marky Mark" lead singer of The Funky Bunch during his days of entertaining all ages with his whimsical style of singing that resonated on top 40, dance and hip hop formats back in the 1990's.

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Wahlberg also starred in some compelling films which included "The Renaissance Man", "Boogie Nights", "The Perfect Storm" and the remake of "Planet Of the Apes".  He is very proud of his latest cinematic effort which opened at theaters nationwide this week. "Father Stu" is a bio-pic that focuses on the story of a former boxer, Stuart Long who later became a man of the cloth. He feels this was a special project in his decades long movie career. See for yourself as we spotlight the trailer, courtesy of You Tube:

Ironically, his four children ages 12 to 18 have given him harsh reviews for this performance but he reveals this cinematic effort was completed for "personal" reasons as he fought some realistic demons in life that included roadblocks in his movie career and issues regarding faith in God and challenges in family matters.

Wahlberg best described the significance of this role in his own words:

"I've had many, many turning points, eye-opening experiences, you know, things that I've learned that just have kind of touched me and helped me get to the position I'm in now. Telling Father Long's story and making this film was truly an important plateau in my life".

Due to it's sensitive nature, Wahlberg bankrolled the movie with his own money and received some crucial assistance from his closest friends as he is highlighting this project in efforts to help others as he is hoping the financial dividends will prove beneficial due to it's powerful content. "Father Stu" has been well received by audiences and critics as Wahlberg best described this performance in one word: "Challenging". He also promises his audiences will be uplifted and moved by this terrific performance.

For someone like myself who does not go to the movies these days, I think this is one I'll check out as this picture is well received in it's nationwide opening on the big screen. You can follow Mark Wahlberg by logging on his Facebook page.

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