We're all looking ahead to the future and a light at the end of the tunnel. It will eventually come but we have to be patient and more importantly we need to be vigilant as we continue to wear masks, wash our hands, social distance...you know the drill.

For the most part our vigilance has paid off as COVID-19 deaths across the Berkshires are down. Here in the southern Berkshires three cases of COVID-19 across two school districts have been reported.

According to a story in the Berkshire Eagle, a single positive test result within the Southern Berkshire Regional School District set contact tracing in motion, and anyone who might have been exposed already has been notified, according to an email from Superintendent Beth Regulbuto sent Tuesday morning to school families.

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And at Berkshire Hills Regional School District, Superintendent Peter Dillon also reported to families Tuesday that there are two positive student cases, one in the seventh grade and another in the 11th grade.

You can read the complete article by going here.

With local public elementary schools transitioning to full-time, in person learning as of April 5, and April 28 for middle schools; students, faculty, staff, parents etc. will want to, more than ever, continue to practice safety measures against COVID-19.

We're getting there but let's not get complacent. We want to be able to see our friends and family so let's all work together. We can turn this disease on its head and celebrate life beyond the pandemic.

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