Today is the last today to purchase a gift for Berkshire South Regional Community Center's 'Shining Star' program.

The Shining Star Holiday Program is a chance for community members to purchase gifts for other, less fortunate community members during the holiday season. To shop or help, each "Star" (or selection lists an individual, gender, age and gift needs or preferences. You can choose a star by going here.

Here are a few comments from local children about Berkshire South's 'Shining Star' program.

"I know what it feels like to have holiday gifts every year, and I want someone else to feel the same way." William Haskins-Vaughan, 7.

"We always save part of our allowance for charity. I'm glad I chose to give to Shining Star because all of the people who will receive gifts are in our local community." Jacob Haskins-Vaughan, 11.

Berkshire South also offers gift card and monetary donation options so if you’d like to just purchase a gift card or give a monetary donation, Berkshire South can do the shopping for you!  There is a selection available to let the center know you’ll purchase a gift card(s), a selection for wrapping paper, or you can call the front desk with a donation.  (413) 528-2810, ext. 10.

Berkshire South is also holding a Toy Drive. If you’d like to purchase any toys, the center can add it to the Star(s) that need it! Today (Dec. 8) is the last day to make your toy donation.

You can drop off gifts, gift cards, wrapping paper, and toys to Berkshire South Regional Community Center at 15 Crissey Rd, Great Barrington.  

For more information, please contact Ginger Alexander at, call (413) 528.2810 ext. 32 or click here.

(information sent to WSBS from Berkshire South for online and on-air use) 

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