On September 16th, it will be 5 years since my 1st air shift at WSBS, a station I wanted to work for since the days of when my radio career took me about 30 miles south of the Berkshires area in neighboring Sharon, Connecticut when yours truly was spinning country music in the early 1990's. Afterwards, I migrated to eastern Connecticut and it was there I inquired for a part-time position and the rest is history.

2 years later, After filling in and board teching local sporting events and LIVE remotes, I was offered steady hours and became the midday host and already inherited Saturday mornings months after I came aboard. Since 2019, I have now become a full-fledged Bay State resident and I'm proud to call the southern Berkshires home as I'm taking time to share 5 key points as to why we are fortunate in being a daily part of the town of Great Barrington. Here we go:

1) MAIN STREET: Our premiere thoroughfare has a plethora of shops, local restaurants and eateries as you are encouraged to "SHOP LOCAL" and help your neighborhood merchants who are STILL struggling with obstacles concerning the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You can also head west to Railroad Street where similar scenarios can be experience while shopping in our coveted area. Forget "those big box stores" and spend your hard earned dollars in the backyard of YOUR community.


2) THE MAHAIWE PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: Located on the intersection of Main and Castle Streets, this venue is considered one of Great Barrington's "crown jewels" for entertainment, as you can check out an assortment of LIVE concerts and performances plus they have a distinction of presenting classic movies on their giant silver screen. Restrictions are still rampant due to COVID-19 as you can check out their web site by going here.

Crowd of people at an outdoor festival

3) OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES & EVENTS: Where else can you get a variety of LIVE outdoor concerts and performances from some of our local musicians who shined so brightly after taking time off due to the pandemic. For example, Berkshire Busking proved to be a BIG success this past summer and the gazebo located behind town hall on main Street proved to be a terrific spot to catch a variety of FREE LIVE shows every Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Let's not forget, our annual "Sounds of Summer" drew robust crowds at The Great Barrington VFW every Tuesday evening. We look forward to another year of fine entertainment in 2022 right here in our backyard.

4) TOPOGRAPHY: South county is located in the heart of the Berkshires as you can also take scenic drives just outside of Great Barrington including Monterey, New Marlborough, Sandisfield and Otis all located within 15 minutes to a half hour from the main town. Plenty of adventurers take hikes at Monument Mountain, located just off route 7 as they take in a bird's eye view of our area from up above.

attachment-W.E.B. DuBois Photo

5) THE BIRTHPLACE OF W.E.B. DuBois: the well known author, writer, editor, historian, socialist and Civil Rights Activist was born and raised here in Great Barrington in the early stages of his life. You can view the location of his actual birth place west on routes 23 and 41 and visit The First Congregational Church on Main Street as he was an active member of this parish. The venue is listed on The National Register of Historic Places.

We save the BEST for last: Our WSBS studios are located on Stockbridge Road as the town of Great Barrington serves as home base to YOUR Home Town Station: 860 AM and 94.1 FM, WSBS.

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