1) Phyllis hasa 24 inch wide model Poulin snow thrower with electric start, model # PR-624-ES priced at $200 or she will take best offer. For more details, call (413) 274-5014.

2) Irene checked in from neighboring Copake Falls, New York with a variety of items including antique milk cans priced between $10 and $16 a piece, a 7 by 10 Persian rug for the firm price of $100, assorted canning jars for 25 cents a piece and an exercise price sale priced at only $10. If interested, please call 1-518-329-0412.

3) Reggie also has a plethora of items available including a Suzuki Boulevard 1400 motorcycle, a collection of baseball and football cards plus a variety of NASCAR and Matchbox collectibles all for best offer. Call him today at (413) 362-0829.

4) Chris is looking for a metal frame with springs with or without legs to accommodate a Queen mattress. If you can assist in her quest, call (413) 455-4300.

5) Louie checked in from Alford with a series of items including a John Deere X-530, 24 horse power crafter riding mower with Kawasaki engine, a 4 by 8 dump trailer, a compound wood stand and a Echo hand held leaf blower. For more information and to negotiate a price on all these items, phone (413) 329-9465.

6) Mark a 6 foot woods brush bag available for $600 or he'll take best offer. Call (413) 528-1520 OR (413) 528-4380.

7) Florence has made a return appearance on the program as she has a quartet of metal ice cream parlor hi-chairs available for best offer, 14 chocolate tin molds with prices ranging from $25 to $300, 9 chrome Dixie cup holders at $15 a piece and she will take best offer a mahogany frame from a baby grand piano seat that would be perfect for a coffee table in your living room. For more information, give her a call at (413) 528-4887.

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