If you have ever wondered what info is gathered by those roadside trailers that flash your speed? Now it's easy to find out.

As noted in a media release, in addition to having a Traffic Complaint page on its website, the Great Barrington Police Department is now giving residents access to traffic data collected by roadside speed trailers deployed throughout town. This data-sharing is part of the GBPD's effort to provide residents with more transparent information about how, and where, the town is using its traffic resources, and what information is being collected.

“Local residents are often our best resources for identifying speeding and traffic problems around town, and the website is one way to contact us,” said Acting Police Chief Paul Storti. “Now, we are making maximum use of the speed trailer, and we want to share the data publicly."

​"​P​olice use this information and data from speed trailers to deploy traffic enforcement activity in specific areas​ and at specific times​,​" ​said Storti.

The Traffic Complaint form, which has been on the police department's website for some time, can be filled out and submitted, and the GBPD receives it in the form of an email. Those using the form must provide name, email address, location of the complaint and the nature of the complaint.

Stor​ti said each police shift includes an officer dedicated primarily to traffic enforcement in hot-spots, while ​another officer ​r​emain​s available for routine police call​s.​

For further information, contact the GBPD, (413) 528-0306.

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