I don't know about the rest of the Berkshires and Massachusetts but I'm burnt out over the number of scams that pass through my cell phone and email on a weekly basis (you probably recall the RMV Phishing Text Scam that we published near the end of 2021). It seems like anywhere I look, I'm getting inundated with scam-type calls and messages. As technology improves, con artists continue to become more and more sophisticated so we have to remain alert.

An Auto Related Phone Scam Known as the 'Car Warranty Scam' is Circulating Throughout the Berkshires and Massachusetts 

For many, this scam is probably nothing new but in case you haven't experienced it, I figured why not offer a heads up? I was sitting in my living room in Pittsfield this past Tuesday evening and I received a phone call from Boston. That right there was a tip-off as I didn't recognize the number and I don't have any contacts that live in Boston. Luckily, I let the call go to voicemail.

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This is What the Female Voice on the Message Says

Your automobile might be out of coverage that protects you from repair bills. If you would like information to reinstate press 7 and you'll be connected to a VSC specialist. You can also decline further notifications by pressing 4.

Here's the Audio of the Message Along with a Screenshot From My Phone

The Car Warranty Scam Has Been Around for a While

As you may have experienced, these scams are constantly happening throughout the Berkshires and Massachusetts. This one in particular probably isn't anything new as I know a few of my relatives and friends have received similar messages. In addition, there was an article published by Consumer Reports back in 2016 spotlighting the 'Car Warranty Scam,' and it was noted that at that time the Federal Trade Commission announced that it was mailing more than $4 million in refunds to nearly 6,000 consumers who the agency said were conned by a company that used robocalls to hawk service contracts costing from $1,300 to nearly $2,900.

We in the Berkshires and Massachusetts Won't Become Victims. Here's What We Need to Do

Just a reminder that if someone reaches out for personal information, do not give out any pertinent data. Instead, ask for the company that's calling you, get a name and a phone number. In addition, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission and report the incident by calling (877) 382-4357 or by going here.

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