Folks throughout the Berkshires, Massachusetts, New England, and beyond have had their share of viruses to the point where I think we have met our cap. Obviously, COVID-19 has been the big one for over two years now and it's not gone yet. The virus is still lurking in the shadows as more variants are making their way to the party. Then folks throughout Massachusetts have had to deal with the tick-borne Powassan virus which causes symptoms such as nausea, chest pains, an altered mental state, and more. This virus has even been fatal in some cases which you can read more about by going here.

Now There is Another Virus in Massachusetts Which Isn't New to Us but Has Made its Way into Our State for the First Time in 2022

Another virus that isn't new to Massachusetts that has recently reared its ugly head in the Bay State is West Nile Virus. In a recent article published by Mass Live, the following was stated regarding West Nile Virus landing in our state for the first time this year.

A mosquito sample collected in Easton on July 11 tested positive for the virus at the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory, but no human or animal cases of WNV or Eastern equine encephalitis have been detected this year and there is no elevated risk level associated with the positive sample, the agency said.

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This is good news as humans can get after it and practice prevention from contracting the virus because even though this virus isn't COVID or the Powassan virus it can still cause fever and flu-like symptoms, particularly for those over 50. In some cases, the virus can be deadly for those in that age group. Make sure you are wearing the proper insect repellent with DEET and make sure you keep mosquitoes away from your home. For a list of prevention tips and methods check out the article that was published by Mass Live.

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