I remember not too long ago, it was impossible to find one container of disinfectant wipes, nevermind a multi-pack. In order for me to purchase one container, I had to wake up and get to the stores right when they opened, and that was on a good day. Now, for the past month or so, it has been getting easier to find wipes.

For the most part, I've been seeing and purchasing unknown or store/generic brand names which is absolutely fine. It's all the same to me as long as the wipes get the job done and they do. All of the containers I have purchased have "Kills 99.99 % of Bacteria: Kills Cold & Flu Viruses" stamped on the container. Some of the brands that I have been seeing and purchased include 'Wipe Out' (at Stop and Shop and Market 32), 'Berkley Jensen' four-pack at BJ's, and on occasion, the Stop and Shop brand at the Merrill Road, Pittsfield location.

One pack of wipes that I found this past weekend which I found shocking was a five-pack of name brand 'Clorox' wipes at BJ's in Pittsfield. Not only was I able to find them there, but there were still a number of five-packs available. I thought for sure the shelves would be cleaned out in no time. I actually went back to the store later in the day and bought another pack for my in-laws.

So if you are in need of wipes, the good news is that they are not as difficult to come by as they once were. In terms of the multi-packs, there is still a limit of one per customer but one is better than none. Get them while you can because who knows how long they'll be on the shelves come winter.

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