Last week we posted on our site that a 'Women's March' would be taking place in Great Barrington on Oct. 17. Not only did it take place, it turned out to be a success.

This event was one of more than 250 across the nation as part of the 'Women's March Movement.' According to the Women's March website, the purpose of this march was to send the message about fierce oppostion to President Trump and his agenda, including his attempt to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat.

According to The Berkshire Edge about 200 people — some from as a far away as Springfield and Northampton — descended on Town Hall Saturday afternoon demanding action on a list of progressive causes and sounding off against the policies of the administration of President Donald Trump.

Prior to the event, organizer Mariana Cicerchia had the following to say:

Women in this country are bearing the brunt of multiple crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic, white supremacy and nationalism, an ever-deepening economic disaster, a worsening climate crisis, and a family/domestic care crisis. From Great Barrington to Garberville, women are rising up to demand a new government of, by, and for the people.


Women's March Mission

The mission of Women’s March is to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change. Women’s March is a women-led movement providing intersectional education on a diverse range of issues and creating entry points for new grassroots activists & organizers to engage in their local communities through trainings, outreach programs and events. Women’s March is committed to dismantling systems of oppression through nonviolent resistance and building inclusive structures guided by self-determination, dignity and respect. You can learn about Women's March by going here.

(image taken from The Women's March Facebook page

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