Since 1986, The Columbia Land Conservancy is looking for your help in preserving the farmland, forests, wildlife habitat and rural character in the beautiful hamlet located across the Massachusetts border. The organization has partnered with various parts of the county as they assist in further cultivation of the landscape as they provide outdoor and educational activities throughout 10 public conservation areas. Donations also provide land protection and smart land usage planning and you can do your part to assist in this worthy cause.

Executive Director Peter Paden is also seeking volunteers to assist in keeping the rural aspect of Columbia county alive and connects people with a one-on-one connection to the land. If you are interested in donating some of your free time, log on here and you can also make your charitable contribution on line as well. You can also mail your donations to this address: Columbia Land Conservancy, 49 Main St, Chatham, NY 12037.

Hundreds of people of all ages are also able to participate in funded programs led by the CLC staff as these public conservation areas become outdoor classrooms as you are able to collect scientific data via Bioblitzes and Cornell's nest watch program. For a complete list of monthly events, head to their web site by going here. All of thee public conservation areas are open to the public from dawn to dusk so take a break from this fast paced world and explore nature at it's best and the opportunity is waiting for you right here in our very own backyard.


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