Since the beginning of the year we've been hearing and seeing in the media, a number of initiatives that Great Barrington Police are putting into place. Clearly, the department is putting the interest of the community first as they're connecting with folks and strengthening the department's relationship with local residents. Our local police department is going beyond the protect and serve role, they're revitalizing that role in a number of ways. Below is 6 ways the Great Barrington Police Department is making our community a better place to live (this list is in no particular order)

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6 Ways Great Barrington Police are Bettering the Community

These are just 6 ways the Great Barrington Police Department are bettering our local community. There are many more including the day-to-day responsibilities of the department along with setting up and inviting the community to a number of Zoom chats. Thanks to the department for all they do to keep us safe, connected and heard 24/7. Our town wouldn't be as good as it is without them.

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