Recently, Great Barrington Police Chief Paul Storti published a message on the agency's Facebook page ensuring residents that he is dedicated to all citizens of the town and that the Great Barrington Police Department is an agency that people can be prod of.

The Chief made the following statement:

As Chief of the Great Barrington Police Department, I am committed to law enforcement excellence and I am dedicated to the people, traditions and diversity of our town. I will serve our community with understanding, compassion, and execute my duties as Chief of Police with integrity and an open-minded vision. I commit that we will treat members of the public with respect and dignity. We will maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism in all of our actions. Treating all those we serve in a compassionate, sensitive, courteous and professional manner, regardless of sex, race, or lifestyle. The integrity of the department must not be compromised. There can be no question or suspicion among the citizenry regarding department ethics. Professionalism requires impeccable conduct, careful protection of all citizens’ rights and the maintenance of high levels of accountability from all members of the department. I recognize that the department members are its greatest asset and will treat them with respect, support their professional development, and supervise them with a fair and consistent manner. The efforts of our members are the principal means by which the department fulfills its mission and accomplishes its public service goals. I am committed to solving community issues. The department will provide a rapid and effective response to life threatening situations and other public safety emergencies. Yet, we must seek new ways to address any problems or safety concerns. I am committed to providing a highly visible presence in all the neighborhoods in our community. I pledge to maintain open communication with all the citizens we serve. Their input helps to determine the best police priorities and strategies. The department recognizes the need to collaborate with the public in order to reduce crime, disorder, and fear. We cannot effectively deal with these by ourselves. Through open communication we will strive to increase public understanding of law enforcement complexities, to ensure the confidence that the department priorities match community expectations. This is your police department and I will continue to make it an agency that you are proud of.

Paul Storti has been in his new position for a short time but he's already doing a great job in being in touch and listening to the town residents and investigating & solving this incident. A special shout out to the chief from all of us here at WSBS.

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