The photo speaks for itself. As a native New Yorker, I always will remember how our beloved skyline stood out in high fashion with "The Twin Towers" anchoring this one of a kind setting as a reminder that you were in "the city that never sleeps". The World Trade Center was completed back in 1973 and has been considered a fixture and bench mark that became part of the daily routine in The Big Apple.

These buildings were a part of my life as well having brought friends and relatives to the observation deck so we can check out the panoramic view of all 5 boroughs and beyond and it truly was an impressive sight to see. One of my closest friends that I grew up with in upper Manhattan would dine on occasion at the stylish Windows Of The World restaurant and the twins provided a work related atmosphere as I was sent down to Cortlandt Street to pick up and receive envelopes and packages for a local messenger service in Manhattan prior to when I embarked in the radio business.

All these variables proved to be a reason why my heart broke in pieces on the morning of September 11th 2001 as I learned of the horrific news that an airplane struck one of the towers at 8:46 am with tragic results to follow. About an hour and a half later, a second plane struck the 2nd tower, further bench marking the fact we all were in denial but these dark and unheard of moments really happened and New York City would see a drastic change that would be embedded in our minds for years to come.

Another pair of attacks were also taking place simultaneously as another aircraft slammed into the US Pentagon building in Washington DC resulting in a significant amount of damage and loss of life in the Nation's Capital. We will also never forget the heroic efforts of passengers that tried to over take evil as they thwarted the hijackers by deviating the doomed aircraft from The Pentagon to a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania as their sacrifice to prevent further mayhem will always be acknowledged making them true heroes in our eyes. There were no survivors as the plane landed in Stony Creek township and a memorial was also dedicated at that site to those who lost their lives.

A total of 2,997 people perished in this infamous moment in history as their memories will always remain eternal and everlasting. We must take some time during this day to honor and reflect on the fire fighters, police officers, EMS personnel, airline passengers and the World Trade center employees who made the ultimate sacrifice 18 years ago.

A new WTC building was erected in lower Manhattan over a half decade ago, but we will ALWAYS keep "The Twins" in our hearts as thousands of visitors also continue to visit the 9-11 memorial in that exact location where the attacks occurred as people continue to pay homage towards each individual that was lost on September 11, 2001

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