Efforts to foster economic growth is on Berkshire county's agenda as a higher quality of life will be spotlighted on Thursday morning in a virtual press conference and webinar which starts at 10 am.The forum is in conjunction with Pittsfield, Massachusetts based Mill Town and The Berkshire Regional Planning Commission (BRPC).

They will focus on a 210 page recreational plan which contains vital information for growth in key areas such as infrastructure improvements, communication and marketing. Activities including biking, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, outdoor athletics, skiing and water sports are key components in making Berkshire county the ideal all-seasons outdoor destination.

Statistics show Berkshire county has a total of 605,637 acres of open space with 221.205 acres that are protected entities and over 179 thousand acres are open to the public. Mill Town has already taken immediate steps to act on the recommendations outlined in the plan with several recent investments and project launches.

Some of the major projects outlined include Greylock Glen with plans for a lodge and conference center, campgrounds and 18 miles of trails which could result in over 300 jobs and $20 million in additional revenue for the community. A highlight of this venture is "The High Road", a country road trail that will link town and cities together throughout the Berkshires as Mill Town has recently purchased Bousquet Mountain which includes 155 acres over 4 parcels, including the summit on Yokun Ridge, 22 trails, multiple buildings and operational equipment.

Other projects include 200 rock climbing routes available across 14 acres at Hanging Mountain in Sandisfield, an inaugural presentation of The Berkshire Outdoor Recreational Festival from October 2nd to the 4th at Hancock-Shaker Village and a permanent four season 2.8 mile hiking trail at The Mahanna Cobble Trail at Bousquet Mountain.

1Berkshire will also outline their communication and marketing efforts to attract outdoor recreation visitors with their slogan "Let The Berkshires Be Your Backyard".

A TRUE statement indeed!

(The following information was obtained by WSBS via a press release courtesy of Mill Town and The Berkshire Regional Planning Commission for on-air and on-line usage)





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