Runners in this year's Berkshire Virtual Race Challenge are completing a 5-K loop through Kennedy Park in "Lovely Lenox" as winners are rewarded for fastest times in local and virtual participation plus they are allowed to be creative in donning the most creative costumes in efforts to draw the running community together and vie for some nice prizes along the horizon.

Mill Town in partnership with Teak Media Communications, local running clubs and outdoor outfitters launched this spring time event to get people moving and connecting with each other virtually in nature and their own back yards. The free race series runs through May 17th and leverages The Strava Run Ride Swim app and a Facebook group to give people the opportunity to run, walk and connect with each other on-line as these events will raise money to support COVID-19 relief efforts and our local economy.

Some locally based partners in this venture include The Berkshire Natural Resources Council, The Arcadian Shop, The M-T-M and The Pioneer Valley's Running Club.

Mill Town has collaborated with Berkshire United Way and the Josh Billings Triathlon Committee to invite over 500 participants to donate $20 to The COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund as the goal is to raise $10,000 within the next month. Mill Town has already made a hefty $100,000 donation towards this worthy cause.

Every Tuesday, a new course is announced as the remaining events take place between now and May 17th. Here is where runners will meet up for these upcoming challenges here in Berkshire counties:

April 28th - May 3rd: BRNC The Boulders, Dalton, MA

May 5th - May 10th: Pittsfield 5-K

May 12th - May 17: Mystery Challenge (Details on the way)

All participants will follow designated signs along the route as they will adhere to safe social distancing guidelines and they are welcome to share photos of their racing experience. Two sets of winners are announced every Monday: a male and female for the fastest times completed and a wild card category such as best mask and most creative mile. They will each receive a $25 gift card to local shops and restaurants in Berkshire county.

Mill Town is a community investment company based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts that renovates area housing units, promotes local business and executes a broad range of community development projects. To learn more, log on to their web site by going here.

Teak Media and Communications, a company based in Boston, Massachusetts also has contributed towards this fun-filled event. To learn more about this state wide organization. Feel free to learn more about them by checking out their web site.

(The following information was obtained by us via a press release courtesy of Mill Town and Teak Media for on-air and on-line usage)


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