As the Thanksgiving holiday is rapidly approaching, it's the time of year where we celebrate and give thanks to those closest to us. Keep in mind, this holiday season can be a challenge for many families and individuals thanks in part to The COVID-19 pandemic as economic strains are also rampant for those trying to make ends meet.

The Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School located on Monument Valley road in Great Barrington, Massachusetts is presenting their 11th annual "Thanksgiving For ALL" on Thursday, November 26th. You can access more information on their daily activities and accomplishments by logging on to their web site.

More families have experienced a significant need for holiday assistance as the school has teamed up with Project Connection to help support those who could use a little extra assistance during this holiday season. In past years, they have asked each of their classrooms to fill a box with assorted groceries that would guarantee a complete thanksgiving meal for all, but with recent developments the Muddy Brook PTA will establish a GoFundme page where donations can be made to assist this worthy cause.

Local grocery stores will also assist in purchasing the items needed for each family who signs up for a Thanksgiving dinner. You can also help out by accessing this link. The deadline to make a much-needed contribution is on November 23rd. Any dollar amount is greatly appreciated as the community can band together to show their kindness and generosity for those who are less fortunate in our vicinity.

It's your chance to "Pay It Forward" during these trying times and the end result will make you feel special, especially during this time of the year.You can also get more details and information by logging on to Muddy Brook's Facebook page.

(The following information was obtained by WSBS via a press relase courtesy of The Muddy Brook Regional Elementary school for on-air and on-line usage)

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