The town of Sheffield is pulling all the stops in bringing the community together during this holiday weekend as as a "wave parade" will take place on Saturday, April 11th and on Sunday, April 12th. The purpose of this gathering is to get residents out of the house as they can not get together with family or friends during the Easter and Passover holidays. Remember stay within 6 feet apart due to social distancing guidelines and stay within the confines of your place of dwelling and you also have the option of staying indoors and wave from a nearby window or door.

Here is the itinerary for this terrific community gathering as the convoy will make appearances at these locations in the town of Sheffield:

SATURDAY, April 11th from 2 to 2:15 pm AND SUNDAY, April 12th from 10 to 10:15 am: South Main and Main Street area, Root Lane, Cobble, Salisbury, Berkshire School Road, Maple Avenue and Hewins Street.

SATURDAY, April 11th from 2 to 2:15 pm AND SUNDAY, April 12th from 10:15 to 11 am: Shunpike, Alum Hill, Polikoff, Bunce, Clayton Road East & West.

SATURDAY, April 11th 2:30 to 2:45 pm AND SUNDAY, April 12th from 11 to 11:15 am: School Street, Route 7-A, East Main Street, West Stahl, North Main, Pike Road, west and Route 7-A North.

SATURDAY, April 11th 2:45 to 3 pm AND SUNDAY, April 12TH from 11:15 to 11:30 am: South Main Street, northbound Berkshire School Road, North Undermountain Road, Berkshire School campus and route 41 north.

SATURDAY, April 11th 3 to 3:15 pm AND SUNDAY, April 12th from 11:30 to 11:45 am: Curtis Road, Bow Wow Road, Miller Avenue, Maple Avenue and Home Road.

SATURDAY, April 11th 3;15 to 3:30 pm AND SUNDAY, April 12th from 11:45 am to 12 Noon: Home Road into Great Barrington, East Sheffield Road/Boardman St, Maple Avenue, Main Sheffield/Plain, Egremont Sheffield Road, Rebellion Road, Luime Kiln Road, North Main St and Depot Square.

(The following information was obtained by WSBS via a press release from the Town Of Sheffield for on-air and on-line usage)

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