Even though the COVID-19 pandemic remains rampant, we are slowly but surely returning to a sense of normalcy, but everyone must do their part in staying safe while venturing outdoors as we do NOT want to go back in a lock down mode. This is one instance where history doesn't need to repeat itself, therefore we must adhere to rules and regulations in all designated communities and we'll get through this hurdle, once and for all. Remember: "We are all in this together" and a team effort should be implemented by each and every individual.

For the past year and a half, The Ancram Opera House on county route 7 in neighboring Columbia county has been closed to the public and the staff is happy to announced their first LIVE performance will take place on October 14th as they present "An Iliad" which focuses on a contemporary take on Homer's work. Lisa Peterson and Denis O'Hare co-wrote their interpretation of this classic tale that recounts some of the most brutal and intimate moments of The Trojan War. The part of Homer is wonderfully portrayed by Shakespeare and Company member MaConnia Chesser as the play also spotlights the ugliness of warfare in ancient Greece which also includes elements of passion, blood shed and primal rage.

This LIVE play will be presented Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7 pm with a Sunday afternoon 3 o'clock matinee. Everyone in attendance will be required to show proof of full vaccination status and masks MUST be worn while in the audience. Seating is also limited as proper social distancing guidelines will be strictly enforced.

Tickets can be purchased by logging on to The Ancram Opera House's web site. Proceeds will assist in future updates toward this historic venue in eastern New York. You have a window of opportunity to see this show in mid-October as the final performance is slated for Sunday the 24th. It's good to see LIVE theater has made a much-needed comeback in our tri-state region. But there's more:

On the day before Halloween (October 30th) "The Crystal Radio Seance" will feature supernatural horror tales from local authors as they focus on tales that are strange and mysterious in nature. This LIVE event begins at 7 pm and those who are brave in nature will meet up at The Roeliff Jansen Park's Hilltop Barn, located on route 22 in Hillsdale, New York (HOWDY Hillsdale!!). Tickets are priced at $25 per person as space is also limited. All participants MUST wear a mask and proper social distancing guidelines will be implemented (That also includes all ghosts and goblins).

Cap off the season with another round of "Real People, Real Stories" which will be presented virtually on Saturday, November 20th at 3 pm. Young story tellers from The Taconic Hills Central High School will favor you with assorted tales as this forum supports the school's literary and writing programs. The event is FREE and will be streaming live. You can reserve your spot by accessing this link via The Ancram Opera House's web site.

Here's to a successful return season across the Massachusetts and Connecticut borders as your support will enhance this comeback even further. We'll keep you posted on upcoming shows when the updated schedule becomes available.

(Some information in this article obtained by WSBS is courtesy of The Ancram Opera House's web site for on-air and on-line usage)

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