The Egremont Barn in South Egremont is known for hosting a variety of entertainment including live music, local musicians, open mic, karaoke, comedy and more. This Saturday (February 24th) a Berkshire musical group of educators will be taking the stage at the Barn known as "Cole Connection."

Egremont Barn 2

In a recent blog from Egremont Barn owner Nick Keene, he had this to say about "Cole Connection.

It is amazing how many local Berkshire musicians are also accomplished educators! Gina Coleman, Matt Mervis and Jeffrey Dudziak have been playing music together for almost 30 years. Gina Coleman, known in recent decades as the front woman for Misty Blues, is also the Principal of Herberg Middle School. Mervis is a director with a cutting-edge educational not-for profit. And long before all that, they began their musical journeys in Cole Connection.

Cole Connection is back in the Egremont Barn this Saturday night, February 24th playing their eclectic set of funk and blues classics and much more. 8PM. Don't miss em!

Egremont Barn 3

Keep checking back for more scheduled entertainment courtesy of the Egremont Barn.

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