Part of our commitment to the community is to help spread the word to those who may be in need. After the year we've had there are many individuals and families whom have fallen on hard times. We do our best to get the word out so they can get the assistance they need. Over three years ago, the community came together for me when I needed a kidney transplant. Not only did people spread the word, several local folks were tested to find out if they could donate one of their kidneys to me. This act of kindness just displays how lucky I am to live in the Berkshires. We all come together to help one another. It rings true when you hear the saying that we are 'Berkshire Strong.'

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Last month, we heard and read about a local family that is currently in need. That family is Skip and Patty Johnson out of West Stockbridge. They're dedicated members to the West Stockbridge Congregational Church and have been for many years. Skip has several health conditions and therefore Patty has become his caretaker. You can read more about their situation by going here.

When we posted this information on our website and spread the word over the air, the community instantly jumped in Skip and Patty's corner as they swiftly made donations to Patty's hearing aid cause. We have done a great job making donations and showing our support thus far. Currently, the total funds raised on the Johnson's Go Fund Me Page is $4,093. Only $1,907 to go in order for the Johnson's to meet their goal. I know we can do it as the Berkshires prove to be best when an individual or family is in need. So let's do it. Let's help the family right now. Let's 'Be Berkshire.'

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