Naturally this past Tuesday's 'Sounds of Summer' concert was a blast but there was something extra special and touching with this particular night.

As you may have heard by now, the Myer family's home was subject to a fire on Sunday, July 14. It was reported that the dwelling was a total loss. You can read the original article by going here.

Samantha Butler, the oldest daughter of the Myer family alerted WSBS on Tuesday afternoon, July 16, and we ensured her that we would assist in helping the family. At 'Sounds of Summer' that evening we set up a jar and attendees of the concert showed their support by stuffing the jar full of money.

Once again the southern Berkshire community came together to help one of their own. The Myer family appreciates the community support and are thankful for all that the community is doing for them during this tough time in their lives.

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