Boeing said on Wednesday that it will provide an "initial investment" of $100 million over several years to help families and communities affected by two crashes of its 737 Max plane that killed 346 people. The Associated Press reports that, according to the Chicago-based company, some of the money will go toward living expenses and to cover hardship suffered by the families of passengers killed in the crashes, including Sheffield native Samya Stumo. Boeing faces dozens of lawsuits over the accidents. The parents of Stumo, who was killed on an Ethiopian Airlines flight, say that the offer illustrates Boeing's unethical habit of cutting corners for profit.

Preliminary investigations point to the role played by new software that pushed the planes’ noses down. Boeing is updating the software to make it easier for pilots to control, but the company doesn’t expect to submit its work for final regulatory approval until September.

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(article image taken from Samya Stumo's Facebook page

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