Honestly, I've never eaten fruitcake. So I guess I don't fully understand why it's a despised food/gift item. I suppose I should try it and find out for myself. How about you? Do you enjoy eating some fruitcake around the holidays or do you say "no thanks" (probably a nicer version of what you would actually say)!

According to a Huffington Post article from a couple of years ago, even though many people despise receiving fruit cake as a legitimate Christmas present, a million cakes fly of the shelf each year. Someone must enjoy fruitcake somewhere.

Are there any uses or recipes that can be used to make fruitcake enjoyable? Apparently there are many ways you can repurpose leftover fruitcake and Hello Giggles lists them.

So this holiday season are you going to be happy if you receive fruitcake or will your guests see a frown. Maybe I'll try some this year and get back to you. I guess fruitcake can always make a great gag gift or you can be a secret Santa and give it to someone that you despise at your next holiday office party :)

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