Update: Evening of Apr. 21 (our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Ullrich) GB Police Department Facebook Statement Below:

It is with profound sadness that the Great Barrington Police Department announces the untimely passing of K9 officer Titan. A few days ago K9 Titan fell ill and a mass was discovered in his chest. It was determined to not be treatable and the difficult decision was made to end his suffering. K9 Titan faithfully served his partner, Officer Ullrich, the GBPD and his community since 2017.

As mentioned in prior articles, Great Barrington Police have been doing a tremendous job in extending a hand to the community. They're not just protecting our residents, which is very important and something we shouldn't take for granted, but the department is also setting up meetings to get to know residents better and learn what's on their minds. At the same time, the residents are invited to pick the brains of the police staff.

As a matter of fact the police department will be hosting a Zoom conversation in support of the local Asian community later on this morning and a second virtual session on Apr. 28. More details on these Zoom sessions can be found by going here.

In continuing their support to the community along with inviting town residents to get to know the staff better, the Great Barrington Police Department is introducing members of their staff over the next several weeks.

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The first member in this program that we are being introduced to is a beautiful 5-year-old German Shepherd named 'K9 Titan.' According to the police department's website Titan was imported from Hungary and has been working for the Great Barrington Police Department since February of 2017.  Titan is a dual purpose police work dog and is trained in narcotics detection, handler protection, criminal apprehension, building searches, area searches, article searches and tracking. K9 Titan lives at home with his partner, Officer Ullrich and when not at work he enjoys swimming and playing ball with his family.

K9 Titan is doing a bang-up job in the local community and we are glad to have him as part of the team that protects and serves the southern Berkshires.

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