On the debut edition of "It's Not That Simple' Select Board member Ed Abrahams and Planning Board member Pedro Pachano talked about about the Reid Cleaners site and why it’s sitting there deteriorating. Many have suggested different solutions from tearing it down and turning it into parking, to saving the building, to replacing the building with a mix of retail and affordable housing. Many more have simpler asked why it’s taking so long.

The pair addressed the delays, the legal and liability challenges, and the differing opinions about held by different citizens. They also talked about the use/reuse of other town-owned buildings that have been controversial.

The other subject was the annual Town Meeting. There are many complaints asking why not spread it over two nights, why not separate the public information portion from the voting, why not allow voting over electronic devices from home. Abrahams and Pachano addressed some of the reasons why it isn’t that simple, and they decided to do a later show about the Town Meeting.

Check out the 'It's Not That Simple: The Case of Reid Cleaners' column in The Berkshire Edge.  

You can listen to the entire show via the two audio segments below.


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