Over the past several months we have spotlighted some Massachusetts celebrities (whether they were born here or currently live here) and their current net worths. So far we have covered James Taylor, Matthew Perry, Elizabeth Banks, and Mark Wahlberg (Mark's net worth is the biggest by far). Today we are looking at another celebrity with ties to Massachusetts. Heck, he was born here, West Newbury to be exact and he's a professional wrestler turned actor while still signed to WWE. You know who I'm talking about. John Cena.

In an article published by Marca, John Cena's current net worth is $80 million. The article states the following:

What he's (Cena) made so far between movie roles and his WWE wage is around $80 million of net worth. Cena was reportedly paid $500,000 for his role as Peacemaker. He also earns a reported $8.5 million per year from the WWE.

$80 million isn't shabby by a long shot and he still has plenty of years to build upon his net worth. You can watch Peacemaker on the HBO Max streaming service.

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As far as wrestling goes, Cena will be returning to WWE programming on the March 6 edition of Monday Night Raw from TD Garden in Boston, MA.

This isn't really a big surprise for many because even though John has plenty of projects that take up his time outside of wrestling, you usually see him make a WWE television return during Wrestlemania season which is what we are in the middle of right now. Stick around as will be featuring another Massachusetts-related celebrity along with his or her current net worth soon. Cha-ching!

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