The possibility of high speed passenger rail service from Boston to the Berkshires will likely be getting some serious consideration. The Berkshire Eagle reports that state lawmakers announced Wednesday that joint committee on transportation has recommended that the house and senate pass a bill to study an East/West frail service that would reach Berkshire County.

State Representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier put out a statement saying the cost, timelines and potential ridership would be examined as well as the economic, social and cultural impact on the Berkshires, Pioneer Valley and the rest of the state.

She said the study would lay groundwork for what would serve the county well into the future. In addition, Farley-Bouvier said connecting the Berkshires to Boston by rail would fortify the economy state-wide by helping residents work in other parts of the state.

It would also, she said "expand our cultural and tourism market."

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