As you have been on hearing on the radio and seeing online for nearly a month now, we along with our Berkshire County sister stations are giving four (4) Berkshire County residents the chance to win $250.00 each in holiday cash when you send us a photo of your Berkshire County home all lit up for the holidays. It's 'Light Up the Berkshires.' If you haven't submitted your entry, you don't want to wait much longer as the deadline for photo submissions is this Friday (Dec. 16) at 7 am. Once the clock strikes 7 am, the photo submission form will be removed from the webpage. So enter now by going here.

We've had dozens and dozens of photo entries up to this point with Berkshire County homes all lit up including the towns and cities of Pittsfield, North Adams, Great Barrington, Adams, Cheshire, Otis, Hancock, Dalton, Lee, and Housatonic just to name a few.

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Thanks again to all of our sponsors for making this contest possible including Greylock Federal Credit UnionJ Smegal Roofing and GuttersAnimal Inn of the Berkshires, and Berkshire Meadows.

I can't stress it enough, the deadline for entries is this Friday (Dec. 16) at 7 am. Enter the contest now by going here.

Four (4) Berkshire County residents are going to win $250.00 each (the winners will be drawn via random selection) but in order to win you have to get in the game and Light Up the Berkshires. Please note: Only Berkshire County homes will be valid entries into the contest.

You can view the 'Light Up the Berkshires 2022' photo gallery by going here.

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