On a recent edition of 'Let's Talk,' Jesse Stewart spoke with Janel Munoa and Pam Younquist, members of the local nonprofit group, Citizens Concerned About GB Horse Racing. Janel and Pam are joining with dozens of other local volunteers and over 400 petition signers to defend the right of Home Rule regarding the question of horse racing in Great Barrington. This will be the only item at the upcoming Great Barrington Special Town Meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 6:00pm at Monument Mountain Regional High School. Childcare will be available from the Mountainside Pre-school, but advanced registration is required by calling the Town Hall at 528-1619 ext. 2 no later than noon on Tuesday, Dec. 10.

During the interview Janel and Pam answered the following questions:

(1) How did citizens become involved in the horse racing issue?

(2) How would commercial horse racing be different than the old days of horse racing during the Great Barrington Agriculture Fair Here?

(3) People have said there would be economic development from commercial horse racing in Great Barrington, what do the concerned citizens know about that?

(4) Why should Great Barrington residents vote for the Home Rule Petition at the Special Town Meeting?

You can listen to Janel and Pam's responses and conversation by clicking on the three audio segments below.

Featured Image: Pam Younquist (left) and Janel Munoa (right)

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