On the latest edition of 'Local Celebrities" with Paul Joffe, Paul interviews Paul Borelli, retired UPS driver. Paul worked for UPS for 40 years and has delivered almost everywhere in Berkshire County (he's more than likely been to your home). Paul gives you a behind the curtain look at what it was like to drive for UPS. How did the company treat Paul? Is it true their drivers can't make certain turns? Has he met any interesting people? What's the messiest house Paul's delivered to? All of those questions and more are answered in this program which you can listen to below.

(The Jan. 14 program has been divided into two segments)

Paul Joffe moved to New Marlborough in 2012 and has worked in radio since he was a teenager. A former stand up comic, Paul now works in construction and harvests lumber at his mill in New Marlborough. Paul is also the builder & designer of the landmark Flying Church on Main Street in Great Barrington. Paul has a love for the Berkshires and looks forward to interviewing some of the people that live and work in the WSBS listening area. 'Local Celebrities' airs Tuesday mornings at 9:05 on WSBS.

Featured Image: Paul Joffe (left), Paul Borelli (right)