Update: Perez is still missing. Call your local police department if you have any information

Update: FOX 61 is reporting that crews have located the submerged vehicle as of 2:16 p.m. this afternoon.

WSBS received a phone call at 11:35 this morning from Carlos Perez of Sheffield. Carlos told us that his father named German Perez, 60, has been missing since 6:30 P.M. last night (9/25/18). Carlos was driving a black 2000 Toyota Tundra and he was heading home from his job at Hotchkiss School. German told Carlos "I'll be home in 10 minutes" but he never arrived. There are search parties and local police looking for German. Carlos thinks that his father, German, may have crashed his car into the Housatonic River but that has not been confirmed at this point. If you have any information on German's whereabouts, please call Carlos at: 860-605-0528 as well as your local police department. For updates, call WSBS at 413-528-0860.

German Perez

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