On the evening of Dec. 23, 2019, Officer Olivia Cobb responded to a car in the breakdown lane on Route 7. Upon arriving, Officer Cobb found a Great Horned Owl in the roadway suffering from severe injuries and unable to move. Officer Cobb used her wildlife training while securing the owl, immediately contacted the Sharon Audubon Center and arranged transport to their rehabilitation center for further evaluation and treatment.

Officials at the Audubon Center determined that the owl was suffering from injuries consistent with being hit by a vehicle, including a ruptured eye, head trauma, and blood drainage in the nose and sinuses. While in care, it was discovered that it had a significant parasite load, so along with the anti-inflammatory medicine, antibiotics, and fluid therapy, for the traumatic injuries, he’s also being dewormed.

“He’s in rough shape but we are hopeful for his rehabilitation” said officials at the Audubon Center.

(press release and photo sent to WSBS from the GB Police Department for online/on-air use)

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