Let's face it, Americans are constantly on the go and here in Massachusetts, it's no different. Whether you live or work in the bigger cities like Boston, Worcester, or Springfield or in more rural type areas with smaller cities and towns like Pittsfield, Great Barrington, and North Adams, you probably have very busy days as people are finding themselves wearing more hats not just at work but at home as well. It can get exhausting with so much to do.

There are times when we just can't make a home-cooked dinner due to time constraints and we have to swing by a fast food joint either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In some cases, people may prefer not to cook and choose fast food as their preference. Whatever the case may be there is no doubt that fast food is a popular choice in American culture.

What is Massachusetts' Favorite Fast Food Restaurant? 

Betsperts recently conducted some research and found out what the most popular fast food restaurant is in each state across the country. As it turns out Massachusetts' favorite fast-food restaurant is also the country's top choice. Can you guess what it is?

No...it's not Dunkin'

 No...it's not McDonald's

Massachusetts' and America's Favorite Fast-Food Restaurant for 2023 is...


This is What Betsperts Had to Say About Their Findings. 

Starbucks takes the crown as the USA’s favorite fast food, with almost half the states searching for this fast food restaurant the most. Although it’s often misconstrued as a cafe, Starbucks actually counts as a fast-food restaurant and therefore follows fast-food wage laws. The top five most populated states in America all have Starbucks as their most searched fast-food restaurant.

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Betsperts used search data as their methodology and you can find more results by going here. See how their research compared to another recent study that was done which spotlighted Massachusetts' most popular fast-food restaurants. You'll find that the results are different and you can learn more by going here.

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