Winter and Massachusetts go hand and hand. Tourists flock to the Bay State to partake in skiing, snowboarding, and enjoying the beautiful New England scenery, and who can blame them? There's nothing like winter in New England.

Massachusetts is Also Known for That Four Letter Word 

Another notable aspect of Massachusetts in the winter is snow and plenty of it. Folks in the Bay State know all too well what it's like to battle the rough, cold, New England winters. Many Massachusetts folks are ready to tackle the winters though as they have their snowblowers, shovels, and roof rakes ready to go when old man winter strikes. (Check out the coldest temperature on record in Massachusetts by going here.) 

What About Clearing Snow in Massachusetts Timewise? 

One question you may have is how long after a snowstorm strikes are you required to clear snow in Massachusetts? Obviously, you don't want to wait too long and run the risk of being fined. You can get more information about this particular Massachusetts law by going here.

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Massachusetts Folks Want to Be Mindful of Where They are Putting Their Snow

Another thing that Massachusetts residents want to be aware of is where they're clearing their snow. If you're blowing or dumping snow onto other parts of your own property then you're in the clear. If you start clearing the snow over to your neighbor's property, well that could turn into a fight, and who needs that headache? But another area you'll want to avoid dumping snow is into the street. Now, I'll admit when I'm snow blowing, some of the snow will land in the street but before I go in from my snow-blowing task, I'll make sure I'll go out to the street and shovel that excess snow back onto my property. If you shovel or snow blow snow into the street, you run the risk of being fined. The amount you'll be fined varies from town to town in Massachusetts.

Just a reminder to have your shovels and snowblowers waiting in the wings but make sure you keep your snow out of the street this winter. You'll be doing yourself a big favor. Happy shoveling.

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