Due to a fatal traffic accident that occurred on April 24, 2017 on Main Street in Sheffield, the town is teaming up with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to conduct a traffic/speed study of the entire village which is due to take place this spring according to Jacquelyn Goddard of MassDOT.

According to the Berkshire Record, Town Administrator Rhonda Labombard confirmed the study and noted that some tasks still need to be done but otherwise the town is moving right along. The official speed limit on Main Street is 35 mph, though MassDOT installed two green 25 mph advisory signs on both ends of the area of highest pedestrian traffic on the road.

The Record states: according to the MassDOT website: "Advisory speeds are not enforceable since their intent is to advise motorists of an appropriate speed, not regulate it." This means, legally drivers cannot be ticketed for driving higher than 25, provided that their speed remains below the official 35 mph limit.

Furthermore the Berkshire Record goes on to report, the state is conducting the traffic study due to the fact that they own the road, not the town. The department is already collecting data. There is no guarantee the speed limit will change. If MASSDOT finds no cause to change the speed limit, the study will then be forwarded to the department's Traffic Safety Section in Boston for further review.

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