On Monday, April 20th, Massachusetts implemented the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program for people who have been displaced due to the COVID-19 pandemic as these benefits will also be available for those who don't qualify for regular unemployment such as people who are self-employed,independent contractors and those with a limited work history You can access this application by logging on to this web site.

Applicants must provide the following information including their social security number, a residential Bay State address, your mailing address (i e a PO Box), a active telephone number (land line or mobile), e mail address, date of birth, wage records from 2019, social security numbers and birth dates for all dependent children and bank accounts (including routing numbers) to directly deposit your weekly funds.

If you are currently receiving unemployment benefits due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no further action is needed. The same goes for all eligible claimants as you can access the necessary link by going here.

The measure received full support from Berkshire State Representative Smitty Pignatelli as he also discussed this sensitive topic during his recent Monday morning "Let's Talk with Smitty" program which airs weekly on WSBS.

We are in this together during these trying times and our tri-state region will prevail with a positive outcome upon the conclusion of this world wide crisis.



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