We have been experiencing the deep arctic freeze for the past several hours. When I saw -11 in my vehicle's temperature gauge this morning I had to snap a photo. It's been so cold lately that many schools are closed today as you have may have seen online or heard on-air.

As a matter of fact, WSBS received a call this morning from former morning show host Nick Diller and Nick reported to the station that this is the first double digit low in the area since 2016. Nick reported -16 when he called WSBS. So, do your best to stay indoors today but if you have to go outside, even for just a minute or two, think layers.

As a side note, the Sheffield Senior Center will be open today as a warming station. So if you need to warm up, you are more than welcome to stop by the center.

By the way, what did your temperature gauge and thermometers read this morning?