A Special Great Barrington Town meeting was held on Monday evening (8/6) at Monument Mountain Regional High School. One of the articles on the warrant was weather the recently passed single use plastic water bottle (one liter or less) ban should stay intact or be repealed. This has been a controversial topic since, and even before, the measure passed at the annual town meeting on May 7.

Judging by some of the community's opinions and comments in the media, including the WSBS Facebook page (see comments here), I for one thought there may have been a good shot of the plastic water ban being repealed by voters. However, that was not the case on Monday evening. 297 voters voted to keep the recent ban intact while 199 voters wanted to repeal it. The ban is set to begin May 1 of next year and will be lifted for emergencies.

You can get all of the details on the ban along with two other articles that were passed on Monday evening during the Great Barrington Special Town Meeting by visiting the Berkshire Edge's website.

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