It was released last week that grocery store staff members can be tested for COVID-19 at no charge even if they are asymptomatic . That fact got me thinking, should on air staff members at radio stations be offered the same opportunity? Granted, here at WSBS we are a very small staff so we have nowhere near the contact with the public that an employee of a grocery store has but we are coming in and out of the building so we can continue to get pertinent information over the airwaves to our listeners.

Whereas many employees of businesses are working from home, we at WSBS are leaving are homes and are broadcasting from the station, albeit shorter shifts (for me personally, after my on air shift concludes each day I head directly home). Some may say, well can't you just broadcast from home. To a degree, but it takes much longer to get all of our tasks completed and for me I still run the "Let's Talk" show and I definitely have to be at the station to get those interview guest on air.

I don't know, just something that got me thinking and I was wondering what your thoughts are on this topic. You can leave comments on our Facebook page by going here.

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