As the case with any vehicle that receives wear and tear, fire trucks need to be replaced. The replacement of a fire truck can be pretty costly but needless to say, it needs to be done and board members and residents need and deserve to have a say on a purchase of that magnitude.

The Town of Sheffield's Board of Selectmen met on January 9th and one of the topics of discussion was price review and cost acceptance of the town's new fire truck and related equipment. In a Board of Selectmen minutes meeting document sent to WSBS from the town of Sheffield, Town Administrator, Rhonda LaBombard asked the board if they accepted the prices received for the new fire truck. The board stated that they were fine with the Fire Department's recommendation.

Administrator LaBombard stated that Chief Getchell had submitted a list of the equipment needs for the new truck in the amount of $95,000. After discussion among board members, it was the consensus of the board that in the future when a purchase committee is formed by the Fire Department a member of the Board should be included. The Board will be holding a special town meeting for the purchase of the fire truck on Monday, February 26th at 7 PM at the Senior Center in Sheffield.

A link to a document containing the above information can be found here 

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