Remember when we were able to attend concerts? I got to thinking and looking back on all of the concerts I've attended over the years. One of the extra special concerts I attended was 'Rock the Arena' at the Mass. Mutual Center in Springfield back in June of 2016.

Bret Michaels headlined the show. Underneath Bret consisted of 80's metal icons Lita Ford, Ratt, Warrant and Trixter.

What made this experience extra special for me was three things. First, I had the opportunity to interview Bret on air as WSBS was conducting ticket giveaways for this show. Bret joined me (by phone...I wish he could have come to Great Barrington but I'll take it) on 'Let's Talk' a few days before the concert. Bret is such a friendly guy. No questions were off the table and he would have let me talk to him for hours. Just a great guy.

Not only was the interview with Bret a treat but then I had the opportunity to not only meet Bret at the show, but myself and a few of the WSBS ticket winners were able to join him on stage and sing with him on one of his numbers. It was a coincidence that the song we sang with Bret was his cover of "Rock and Roll All Nite" by Kiss. Talk about the planets aligning.

Lastly, after the show, our crew was able to meet Bret backstage. We took pictures with him and he signed five of my Poison disc jackets. Bret welcomed us with open arms. Again, he was willing to talk to us all night but his agent had to keep Bret moving as he had a decent line waiting for him.

That experience was magnificent and even though COVID-19 has put a halt on live events, I'm able to appreciate these past experiences and I think to myself "I'm a pretty lucky guy."

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