There is no doubt that LIVE entertainment has been put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, however 5 U.S. choreographers from Festival 2020 are thinking outside the box as they will gather for a special "virtual" discussion focusing on the cancellation of this season's agenda. They will focus on HOW & WHERE will dance take place in the post COVID-19 world which hopefully will arrive sooner than later.

Jacob's Pillow has already announced they have cancelled this upcoming season of events at the theater located at 358 George Carter Road in "beautiful" Becket, Massachusetts. Pamela Tatge from Jacob's Pillow will serve as as the moderator of this discussion which also features John Heigenbotham, Ana Maria Alvarez, Liz Lerman and Cleo Parker Robinson. You can watch this forum on Wednesday, May 20th at 5 pm by going on You Tube and they will also take questions via a LIVE chat. To access the link, log on to Jacob's Pillow's web site by going here.

A list of topics include what the staff is thinking about while quarantined and how they are creating ideas for future presentations, the status of LIVE performances after this pandemic comes to an end, social distancing strategies and the ingredients for a successful digital dance experience in the near future.

This event will be presented free of charge, however participants should consider making a nominal donation to help support future presentations at this iconic south county venue. Together we can team up and play an all important role from this life-changing experience that has been rampant not only locally, but world wide as well.


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