(The following article contains information courtesy of a recent story that was filed by CBS6, WRGB TV weekend anchor-reporter Heather Kovar)

In neighboring New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo has been criticized as he has admitted that errors were recently made for submitting proper data regarding an influx of deaths in Empire State nursing homes during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. One of the facilities in question was The Pine Haven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in the village of Philmont, located in neighboring Columbia county.

Spokesperson Geoff Thompson reiterated in a telephone interview with Heather that seven nursing home patients have succumbed to the virus as a total of 15 deaths occurred during the months of April and May of last year and the good news is there have no positive cases since this past June.

Columbia County Department of Health Director, Jack Mabb admitted the constant hurdles in managing this crisis have been rough since last year as nursing homes are most vulnerable in these trying times. The State's Attorney General has requested an update which was released back on February 5th as the latest set of numbers have seen massive changes since last April.

A State Department of Health spokesperson confirmed they will look further into the issue at hand.

You can view Heather's story by accessing this link. For more updates on COVID-19 that encompasses our tri-state region listening area, you can log on to CBS 6 Albany's web site by going here.

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