If you are a resident in the Town of Sheffield, here are some important reminders:


If you have not registered to vote in the upcoming primary or general election or you need to change party affiliation, you must do so by no later than August 22nd. Town Hall will be open this Saturday from 2 to 4 pm to accommodate you. Other options include requesting a card from the Town Clerk's Office by phoning (413) 229-7000, extension 151 OR go on-line by using this link.

Party affiliation MUST be stated on your request for either an absentee or vote by mail ballot. There will be a ballot deposit box in front of Town Hall for those who do not wish to mail back their completed forms. If you completed a ballot before August 14th, the necessary materials have been processed and mailed out.

For more information, log on to The Town of Sheffield's web site 


The Springfield Materials Recycling facilities made some changes as shredded paper and aerosol cans are no longer accepted for recycling at The Town's Transfer Station. Clear plastic cups and egg cartons are now considered recyclable.

For shredded paper, you can attend shred events at local banks or at Staples stores for proper disposal of sensitive documents. Aerosol cans can now go in the trash, however those containing hazardous materials should be disposed of during hazardous waste events.

Please remember that ALL cardboard boxes MUST be flattened. Plastic straws, lids, polysterene, # 6 plastic, colored keg and opaque/cloudy plastic cups, pressed paper and styrofoam egg cartons have to go into the trash.


As of August 1st, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker issued a mandate that everyone traveling to the Bay State from a COVID impacted state MUST quarantine for a total of 14 days which also includes those returning to college or if you took a trip within The United States or abroad. This rule does NOT apply if you have arrived from neighboring states in New England or the New York metro area. Get more details by logging on here.


You can call (855) 262-5465 extension 2 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm for an appointment to obtain a test for corona virus as those testing negative within a 72 hour window will NOT have to continue quarantining. You are required to check with your insurance company regarding any coverage or compensation and no doctors referral is needed for this exam.


The EPA public comment period has been extended through September 18th 2020. The Bushnell-Sage Memorial Library on Main Street has two copies of the current EPA packet available for check-out. If you need more details, log on to this web site.


The Town of Sheffield currently has a 56.6% response rate, while the state average is at 65.8%. Census takers are out and about contacting residents at their homes who have NOT completed the 2020 Census and those who own a second home have been contacted as they need to complete an additional form for their Sheffield residence.

If you need assistance, The Bushnell-Sage Memorial Library will be available to complete any necessary paperwork every Wednesday at 10 am from August 26th to September 30th. Please do your part in participating as every completed census form really makes a difference as this determines how much funding each community will receive in the next decade.

One more item: A complete advisory for The Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Commission regarding food services and gatherings for licenses selling alcohol for on-premises consumption is available for viewing on-line.

(The following information was obtained by WSBS via a press release courtesy of The Town Of Sheffield for on-air and on-line usage)

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