I know we are still in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic and there isn't much we can do in terms of social activities in person. However, I'm always looking ahead and staying positive. I have been thinking about some of the activities I would like to resume doing come post pandemic.

I miss attending concerts whether it's seeing local bands or going to see the bigger bands. I wonder how that is going to work when we get back to normal or the "new normal." Will there be a seat between attendees? Will we have "Sounds of Summer?" That of course is still an unknown. We'll have to ride it out and see.

Going out to local restaurants is another activity I'm looking forward to doing along with going swimming during the summer months. I love hitting the natural swimming holes in the Berkshires particularly heading up to North County and swimming at Pecks Falls and Bellevue Falls both in Adams.

What activities will you resume come post pandemic? Feel free to discuss with us on our Facebook page.

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