This past Wednesday, Oct. 31, we presented a special 'Halloween' edition of 'Let's Talk' on WSBS! We spoke with a cast member from the new 'Halloween' film which is in theaters now. Our guest, Marian Sing was the stunt performer, fight coordinator and had an on screen death scene in the new film.

Marian discussed how she was called up to join in the new film, as well as what it was like to work with James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle. Both men had parts in the film playing Michael Myers. We also received Marian's thoughts on what it's like to have been in a film that is now the biggest slasher film in the history of Hollywood. For fans of all of the 'Halloween' movies, this film has some Easter egg scenes in it paying tribute to some of those films and Marian touches on that as well.

Without out further ado, let's go to the interview and go behind the scenes of 'Halloween (2018)' with Marian Sing

(Halloween theme music credit, John Carpenter) 

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