If you are interested in finding buried treasure here in our back yard, you are in luck. The Flying Church's parking lot in Great Barrington has some trinkets that are waiting to be discovered by the general public.

The former Methodist church on Main Street has recently been under renovation and they are ready to lease it's vacant space to restaurants, offices, music venues and retail stores. before this upcoming task at hand becomes reality, the public is invited to a hard-hat tour as the current owner reports the parking lot has been undisturbed for over a century and the property has not been searched to find precious artifacts and now it's up to you to go on this rare scavenger hunt.

Metal detectors will be distributed at no cost on Saturday afternoon beginning at 2 pm. They will be available on a first-come, first serve basis and whatever you find, it will be yours to keep, no questions asked. Treasure hunters should be ready to pose for pictures and record their find that will be posted on social media.

New Marlborough Farms will also join in the festivities as various farm animals will be hanging out and they will be selling farm-oriented goods and serving up a barbecue for all in attendance.

Whether you are participating in this historic event or just planning to spend a Saturday afternoon here in our back yard during this long July 4th holiday weekend, you are guaranteed to have a fun time in the heart of Great Barrington.

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